Exhibition about Bishop Danilo (1927 – 2002)

The documentary exhibition about Dr Danilo Krstić, Bishop of Buda, created by hieromonk Varnava Knežević presents the life, as well as the creative and spiritual activities of one of our most erudite hierarchs. This year, when the twentieth anniversary of the Bishop’s death is commemorated, his photographs, manuscripts, certificates, recognitions, literary translations from Scottish Gaelic and Irish, as well as his correspondence with the best-trained professors of theology of the 20th century are shared with the public for the first time in the form of an exhibition.     

Various archival materials reveal lesser-known details from Bishop Danilo’s life. Having finished his studies in comparative literature at eSorbonne and graduated from the Orthodox Theological Academy of Paris, the excellent theologian and polemicist defended his doctorate at Harvard. His doctoral thesis entitled ‘On Divine Philanthropy – from Plato to John Chrysostom’ has been translated from English into Serbian and published this year with the blessing of Bishop Lukijan, successor of Bishop Danilo in the Episcopal See of Buda.  

The exhibition was organised under the patronage of the city of Novi Sad, Bishop Danilo’s native city. The exhibition was ceremonially opened by Dragan Stanić, President of Matica Srpska, who, on this occasion, also alluded to the importance of Serbo-Hungarian cultural connections through the centuries, as well as in relation to Bishop Danilo’s time.    

The exhibition may be viewed by all interested visitors in the Serbian Church Museum until the end of September, this year.

Изложба „Епископ Данило (1927 – 2002)“

Bishop Dr Danilo Krstić

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