Processing the Library Material of the Monastery of Grábóc

Обрада Библиотеке манастира Грабовца

Cooperation with the Library of Matica Sprska, Novi Sad, aimed at processing the old printed books of the Library of the Eparchy of Buda has continued this year as well. From 10 to 24 August, Dušica Grbić, Head of the Department of Old and Rare Books and Legacies of the Library of Matica Srpska, worked on the processing of the Library of the Monastery of Grábóc, alongside several librarians, including Svetlana Vučković and Aleksandra Drapšin. The processing of this highly precious monasterial library began as early as the end of 2014, when a revision of the stock was conducted on the basis of the existing inventory and 1070 library units were recorded.

Once the revision of the inventory was completed, the work of processing the books found in the entire printed book catalogue commenced. Although approximately 80 additional books belonging to the Library have been identified over time, prolonging the professional assignment, it is safe to say that work on the Library of the Monastery of Grábóc has entered its final stage, and the catalogue is expected to be published by the end of next year.  

This is a valuable collection that comprises numerous books written in various languages, as well as different types of content. At the same time, of particular value are the records that will be found in the catalogue descriptions, while names, dates and places mentioned in the records will be included in the registers. All this will represent a unique testimony not only to the history of the Monastery of Grábóc but also to that of the relevant locations, as well as to the stories of individuals who once lived and worked in this region.